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Self-Discipline is not a gene.

Self-Discipline is not a gene.

Self-discipline is about integrity. It is about treating yourself as well as you treat others. If you made an appointment with a friend or family member you would never just fail to show up. You would be concerned about letting the other person down. You wouldn’t want...

Applying APIE to Self-Discipline Planning

Applying APIE to Self-Discipline Planning

Let’s walk through your self-discipline growth plan.  Assessment Where are you needing more self discipline?  Are you perpetually multi-tasking? Are you a slave to your email? Do you know that you should be checking your email 2 or 3 times per day (once in...

Our Process

How we work

Step 1

Discovery, Evaluation & Assessment

Using professional diagnostic and assesment tools and asking powerful questions we work together to identify where you currently are so we can define your goals and objectives.

Step 2

Roadmapping & Planning

Together, we will create a roadmap to guide you towards your development objectives and vision.

Step 3

Progress Tracking & Refining Plan

As an accountability partner, we will continously monitor progress through data collection and feedback and work with you to adjust the roadmap when necessary

Step 4

Measurement & Evaluation

As our time together comes to a close, we will review our original goals and objectives, celebrate your incredible wins and evaluate both your performance as well as our own.

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