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Musso Coaching is led by Joe Musso, a seasoned attorney and certified Maxwell Leadership Coach and Speaker and graduate of Coach Training Institute, an accredited International Coaching Federation program.  Joe has been leading, coaching and mentoring individuals and teams for over a decade.

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Dedicated Soldier & Passionate Coach

Since there’s so much more to a person than their title here’s more about Joe.


Helping others bring their dreams and beautiful ideas to life has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Not a day passes by when I don’t feel grateful that my passion is also my work.

Husband & Father

It would seem that being a parent means mostly bringing up your children and teaching them about the world. And yet, I often find the roles reversed. My daughter has taught me more about life. And my wife has taught me about love and how to be a servant leader in our home.

Dog Lover

A daily walk with Char Char (Charlotte), my friend and companion, is what keeps me nourished and always ready to jump over the obstacles life throws my way.

Gym Enthusiast

Going to the gym and powerlifting, running, and working out has been a passion of mine forever. Exercise just makes me feel better and when I miss a day, my body knows it.


When I became a nursing home abuse attorney I never intended to be an advocate. However, I realized early on in my career so many abuse and neglect cases didn’t have to happen.  It was then that I committed to empowering and educating caregivers on their legal rights in order to help prevent these tragedies so far less families ever stepped foot in my office.


Since I grew up in an Italian family, roasted garlic on a Sunday afternoon simply smells like love to me.  That’s why I’ve kept my nanas tradition alive of cooking Italian meals on the weekends while sipping red wine aand listening to Frank Senatra.

My Story

How it all started…


Read “Think and Grow Rich”

When I was 17 I read Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” and was hooked on the idea that I could suppress negative thoughts and commit to consistent focus and perhaps control how successful I could become.


Became an Attorney

Got my first job at Aronberg & Kauser and started my career as a nursing home abuse attorney and later chaired my department.


Joined Ashcraft & Gerel

Joined Ashcraft & Gerel to head up their


Graduated from Coach Training Institute

Pursued my passion for helping others grow and embarked on an incredible learning experience with some of the worlds most gifted coaches.


Became Partner and Mentor

Joined as Partner at Ashcraft & Gerel, where my real passion for leadership development and mentorship of young attorney’s to become all star litigators became realized.


Certified in John Maxwell Leadership Coaching & Speaker

Joined the Maxwell Leadership team to grow myself as a leader and enhance the culture of the organization I represented.  It was here that I realized self-development was about developing my character to be more like Christ’s and service was the call for every successful leader.


Opened Law Firm

Established the Musso Law Firm,PLLC to litigate a select number of nursing home abuse cases and empower lawyers and attorney’s to defend the rights of the elderly.


Started Musso Coaching

After successfully helping many of colleagues and peers to change their mindset and grow in exceptional ways, Musso Coaching was born with the mission to transform the legal profession by helping attorneys become better lawyers, better leaders who ultimately live better lives.  That mission was soon changed when it became clear that God was calling me to help equip an army of men, housed by the holy spirit for the sake of our loving God.

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Meet the Team

Joe Musso

Joe has devoted his entire 25 year legal career to advocating on behalf of nursing home and assisted living facility residents as a personal injury attorney. He is an officer in the DC Trial Lawyer’s Association and the past Chair of the Virginia Trial Lawyer’s Association Long Term Care Litigation Group. He has lectured numerous times around the country on how to prosecute nursing home abuse and neglect claims. He is admitted to practice law in Virginia, Maryland, DC, PA and NJ.

Joe is also a Certified Leadership and Professional Growth Coach. His company Musso Coaching concentrates on the professional development and personal grown of plaintiff lawyers as well as culture building and leadership development for Plaintiff Law Firms. Joe devotes his coaching practice to building better lawyers, better leaders with better lives.

Jessica Gavin

Jessica is a people-first, strategic and results-driven consultant with expertise as a talent acquisition leader and rare disease advocate. She is also the mother of 3 beautiful children and wife to her husband Patrick.

Jessica is most in her element guiding people through uncertainty and ambiguity in a results-driven environment. She became passionate about the dwindling role Christian masculinity plays in our world today when her marriage suffered as a result of her failure to serve and lift up her husband by supporting him as his helper, keeper of the home and encourager as God had designed in Genesis.  

As a nonprofit founder and certified coach, she has the ability to successfully empathize with and influence both internal and external stakeholders in order to achieve personal and professional goals. Jessica connects deeply with everyone she meets. Her leadership and drive led to her being named “Top 40 under 40” by Style Weekly, an award given to an elite group of young leaders whose “focus, determination and hard work bring Richmond to life.”

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